Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Regulations

Chapter 1. General Rules

Article 1. Purpose

In order to better pursue academic and practical research in the humanities and social sciences, these regulations aim to establish an Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS, hereinafter “this learned institute”) installed to contribute to the social welfare and social progress of democratic society based on global citizenship.

Article 2. Business

This learned institute shall carry out the following projects to achieve its purpose:

1. A learned journal publishing analyses of interdisciplinary developments by interdisciplinary scholars. <revision, 2014.6.18>

2. (eliminated)

3. (eliminated)

4. Consultation and education of public institutions and social organizations.

5. Symposia on related developments with interdisciplinary scholars and interdisciplinary academic presentations. <revision 2014.6.18>

6. Physical and intellectual interaction with outside researchers focused on both domestic and international studies.

7. Ongoing study on developing and analyzing a program for cultivating global citizenship.

8. Research and academic interchange related to global citizenship, security and reunification, social surveys, and election analysis. <revision 2014.6.18>

9. The promotion of any project furthering the shared purposes of this learned institute.


Chapter 2. Organization

Article 3. Organization

§1. The organization of this learned institute is as follows: <revision 2009.5.26>

1. Director of this learned institute: 1 person

2. Assistant director (optional): 1 person

3. Chief editor(s) and director of the center: a small number of individuals <revision 2010.9.30>

4. Research fellow(s): a small number of individuals

5. Research assistant(s): a small number of individuals

§2. This learned institute has the following departments: <revisions 2009.5.26, 2010.9.30>

1. Editorial committee

2. Honam World Civic Center <revision 2014.6.18>

3. Honam Unification Safety Center <revision 2014.6.18>

4. Honam Social Research Center <revision 2014.6.18>

5. Honam Election Manifesto Center <revision 2014.6.18>

Article 4. Director of Institute

§1. The director of the institute is appointed by the chancellor from among the faculty members of the university.

§2. The director of the institute serves as the representative for the institute’s work and directs the research center.

§3. The term of office for the director of the institute is two years, but the director can be reappointed for an indefinite number of consecutive items.

Article 5. Other Personnel

§1. An assistant director of the institute may optionally be appointed by the chancellor as recommended by the director of the institute and shall help the director of the institute in all aspects of the institute’s work.

§2. An editorial and a center director may be appointed by the chancellor as requested by the director of the institute.

§3. The director of the institute appoints with the approval of the chancellor one or more research fellows, full-time scholars who can participate in research and development. Depending on budgetary and other factors, the appointments can involve eminent scholars from both home and abroad as researchers, professors of academic studies, and/or visiting scholars, although an academic professor can be appointed only by the chancellor on the recommendation of the director.

§4. A research assistant can be appointed by the director on the recommendation of a project manager.

§5. While the term of executive officers in §1-§4 is two years with eligibility for reappointment, the term of a professor of academic studies or visiting scholar is one year, with eligibility for reappointment.

Article 6. Secretary (under revision)

Chapter 3. Steering Committee

Article 7. Installation

The institution operates the steering committee (hereinafter “committee”) to review the operating budget of this learned institute.

Article 8. Constitution of the Committee

§1. The chairman will head the Institute, and the members of the committee will be appointed by the chancellor as recommended by the director of the institute.

§2. The chairman will assemble and preside over the committee meetings.

§3. Committee members shall serve for two years, but may be reappointed to multiple consecutive terms.

Article 9. Meetings

§1. The resolutions of the committee shall be decided by the presence of a majority of committee members. Decisions require the approval of a majority of the members present.

§2. Minutes of the committee’s meetings shall be kept. Attendance of the committee shall be kept by individual signatures.

Article 10. Matters Subject to Deliberation

The committee shall review and make decisions regarding the following matters:

1. Matters related to the operating planning of this learned institute.

2. Matters concerning the opening and closing of institute regulations.

3. Matters related to the budget and financial settlements.

4. Other matters as deemed necessary.

Chapter 4. Finance

Article 11. Finance

§1. The institute’s income flows from the school’s foundation, academic services, and donations.

§2. The fiscal year of the institute is governed by the accounting year of this school.

Article 12. Business Plan and Results Report

The director of this learned institute shall obtain the approval of the chancellor for the following matters and report the results:

1. The business plan of the institute

2. Results of the institute’s research operations.

3. Execution of the institute’s projects.

4. Research achievements of researchers.

5. Other matters as deemed necessary.

Article 13. Application

Matters not applicable to this regulation shall conform to the regulations of this school and shall be controlled separately. <revision 2014.6.18>